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Adriatic Sun Elderflower and Lemon Syrup. This all natural syrup is perfect for relaxation during a hot summer day. Refreshing and delicious. 1L. Product of Slovenia. 
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Polish grocery store online with quality european food

Polish grocery store online is known for their rich taste. On our web store, this is one of the largest categories. We offer both ready-made meals and individual ingredients from which they can be prepared. Here are, among others, polish soups - for example, Red Borsch Soup, Boletus soup, or Beef Tripe soup. And this is just the beginning of a wonderful journey into the world of European food! We also offer a large selection of fish. Here are mackerels, Baltic herrings, and tuna chunks in vegetable oil. We also do not neglect dressings, puddings, or sauces. Our products in this category are a great proposition both for a quick meal and a dinner with the family. Everyone will find something for themselves here. Admirers of traditional dinners will look favorably at such victuals as a beef loaf, goose pate or chopped pork with pork skin. On the other hand, vegetarians can choose potato dumplings, cucumbers in brine or pickled cabbage heads (golambki).

Polish grocery store online, prepare your favorite course with our honey, mushrooms, preserves, spices, and seasonings

Choose quality food from polish grocery store online and prepare your favorite course with them. We guarantee you will spot the difference! Lack of preservatives and artificial dyes makes the food from the Old Continent more tasty and healthy. Enjoy the tastes of Hungarian Food you haven't experienced before. See for yourself that your favorite dish can taste even better. With our Polish egg noodles, soup bases, oils, and vegetables, that's exactly what will happen. Surprise your family with a delicious dinner prepared with ingredients straight from Hungary or Romania. You can choose our rice, groats, beans, and peas. Enrich your meals with aromatic spices such as chopped lovage, cloves, cumin, or white pepper. Make sandwiches for kids using ajvar spread, greek style caviar spread, or even spicy vegetable spread. Drink them with appetizing drinks from our offer, such as berry juice, apple juice, or kvass (kwas chlebowy). Thanks to european grocery store, it's all at your fingertips!

Groceries from Europe, puddings, jellies, soups, and dinner ideas

Groceries from Europe are, first of all, natural ingredients and high production standards. Community legislation requires that all food produced there has to be free from artificial preservatives. And from all the chemicals that make you obese or sick. There are also significantly fewer harmful fats or sugars in them. That is why food from the Old Continent is very natural. Besides, European cuisine is much more inventive. Here you can find delicious seasonings, dressings, and sauces. With them, even well-known dishes will take on new flavored colors. It works perfectly with our oils, olives, and vinegar. And, what is more, these additions will help you digest your meal better and will have a better effect on your gastrointestinal tract. Dinner ideas from Europe will certainly also prove to be a good alternative for people who are on a diet or with allergies. And as well for all those who commonly want to be fit.

Continental food free from artificial preservatives and detrimental compounds

All articles from our offer in this category are products straight from sunny meadows and fields of the Old Continent. We guarantee that you will delight in their exquisite taste - our Hungarian Food deli, Romanian Food deli, and Polish Food deli. We offer whole dishes as well as individual ingredients. Check out, for example, Polish flour, Romanian jam, Polish noodles, or Czech dumplings. We are sure you will feel the difference immediately. And, what's more, while enjoying our specialties, you can be sure that there are no chemicals in them that could harm you. It is because the European Union prohibits artificial acceleration of growth and food production. Thanks to this, you can taste our compotes, puddings, jellies, juices, and canned meat without any apprehensions. The whole world loves and admires the cuisine of the Old Continent, which is the source of many great dishes. Now you can also enjoy it thanks to Fabko online store.