Smoked cheese 

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Smoked cheese

Smoked cheese from Romania

Smoked cheese. Hungarian and Romanian Dairy Online Store.

Delicious and smoked cheese from Romanian online grocery

Smoked cheese is customarily considered unhealthy. Besides being greasy and high in calories, it also contains plenty of harmful substances generated during the smoking process. Is it in fact? After all, in Europe, smoked foods remain predominantly extraordinary delicacies. The truth is that just like all European dairy products, these can harm only when we use them irresponsibly. Undoubtedly, the same is with Romanian Kashkaval and many other dairy products. Unquestionably, if we follow the daily caloric intake and eat cheese not that often, it brings more pros than cons. For example, it delivers plenty of proteins and calcium to our bones. What's intriguing, dairy causes the production of serotonin in our brain. And that helps to boost up the level of our well-being and the joy of life. Be it Polish gouda, Edam, or Hungarian smoked. Each of them, in addition to the great taste, also brings happiness.

Smoked cheese, Romanian Kashkaval from goat milk and cow milk

Smoked cheese straight from the Old Continent. Why exactly from there? Because local nations are simply the best in making ones. Undeniably, anyone who has tried them at least once can confirm it. Equally as someone who has been in Europe and tried them on the place. What is also relevant, Romanians, Hungarians, and Poles still prepare their dairy products according to ancient recipes. Besides, they principally avoid mass processing while they manufacture their cheeses. That is why their products smell perfect and have their unique taste. Luckily, nobody in the USA doesn't need to go there if he wants to purchase one. Thanks to our Fabko online store, you can order them from home. Nothing is easier. Just browse our stock, choose what you want, and voila! Your selection can be at your home even the day after. We ship almost everywhere in the USA. Wait no longer!