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German Brand Bologna Stiglmeier 1lb
This mild Bologna is made with ground pork and beef. It comes fully cooked and ready to eat as a cold cut. Perfect for children as it is delicious and mild. 
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Westphalian Ham approx 0.9 -1 lb
This prized ham originated in Northern Germany. Natural curing and smoking over real hardwood fires develop its distinctively smoky flavor. 
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Polish ham krakus, we also offer the best pork ham from Germany and Hungary

Polish ham krakus is one of the most delicious foods that you can find on the Old Continent. Haven’t you tried it yet? So you definitely should. The inhabitants of that part of the world approach the production of their cured meats with profound reverence. That is why their deli Bologna with bell peppers, German brand bologna, and Stiglmeier ring Bologna taste so great. Like smoked Polish sausage, Alpine ham, or Westphalian leg. The Old Continent is a place where the production of pork sausages dates back to ancient times, and the most exquisite recipes – to the Middle Ages. The primary advantages of this process are the moral welfare of animals, their good feeding, and aromatic spices. All of this together makes you recognize the taste of European cold cuts almost at once. Thanks to the online store, you have the possibility to enjoy it anytime.

Best quality ham and cold cuts from Poland

While consuming European ham, you can be certain, that you are eating something wholesome and delicious. As you surely know, this meat is pork from a leg cut that has been preserved by wet or dry curing. It also includes both whole cuts and ones that have been mechanically formed. The multitude of nations and traditions across the ocean means that you can directly choose from local varieties and versions. In the Old Continent, the selection of hams can be dizzying. Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, and Germans produce such versions and types as sandwich style, gypsy style, or village style. Each of them is excellent quality and unforgettable gastric experience. Is that Polish „szynka”, Romanian „sunca”, Hungarian „sonka”, or German „der Schinken”? We guarantee you will not forget the taste of them. Feel free to browse our offer.

What kind of ham will you like?

The Polish ham and cold cuts are probably the most famous processed meat in Europe. Folks from out there usually manufacture it from pork, less often - from poultry, venison, or beef. The tradition of its production dates back to primitive times and results from the need to dry, which means naturally conserve the surplus of meat. In Poland, Hungary, and Romania, this delicacy is undoubtedly top favored and, next to Krakow's dry sausage, is the most bought cold cut. Fabko online store gives you a guarantee that no water will start to trickle out of the meats you buy from us. Undeniably, with our offer, you know what you eat. Indeed, our products are free from the usual tricks that producers use. Try our traditionally prepared victuals to feel the real taste of delicious ham. And also the most and slightly less known brands favored in the East and Central Europe. Alpine sausage, German Brand Bologna, and Ring Bologna - they are all here.

Online store with a wide selection of Polish cold cuts

There is plenty of kinds of Polish, Romanian or Hungarian ham. Indeed, in this matter, the inhabitants of the Old Continent do not limit their production only to pork. You can customarily find chicken, turkey, and sometimes - even beef ham. However, the chicken one is undeniably the less caloric one. The most favored ones remain boiled and smoked. The steamed versions are just behind them. At the very end, perhaps the least popular - fresh, raw, or uncooked. Check out our offer. In the cold cuts that you can buy on our site, you undeniably will not find a lot of water. Instead - lots of good quality meat. And the highest quality spices or seasonings as well. If you are a fan of this type of meat delicacies, you should not hesitate to order. Our cold cuts in this category look, smell and taste great. Moreover, you can have them quickly and at a fair price.

How do you choose a fine quality Polish ham

Considering how many European meats you can find on the market, choosing a good grade can be difficult. So how do you know that the product you are buying is natural and of good quality? Above all, it should have a fresh, natural look. These two features give us an initial indication that the meat in the ham is original, and the whole contains less water and fillers. Another important aspect is the shape of the loaf. It should not be too regular. The symmetrical, perfect form usually indicates the presence of the meat improvers. Habitually, those can be leftovers combined with artificial additives. Undoubtedly, you should also pay attention to the color of the ham. On its entire surface, it should be even. And precisely as on individual slices. The arrangement of the meat fiber also has a meaning. If the manufacturer makes it from a single piece of meat, they will be heading in one direction.

How do you know that the European cold cuts you eat are wholesome?

When it comes to Polish ham, the short as possible list of ingredients is the most important. Indeed, it should contain only the most necessary ones. Ancient recipes comprised, a few components. And this should be the case with modern products as well. Without a doubt, you should avoid any suspicious names and shortcuts. It is also worth noting the aroma of the meat. While it usually doesn't smell too intense, any strange scent should draw our attention. The moisture content of the ham is also a significant factor. Although smoked and dried versions are not as moist, definitely any other variant should be. But at the same time, it should not shine on the surface. However, the water should also not come out when squeezed. The moisture content should be constant in each part of the loaf. And if you like dry meats, pay attention to whether they fall apart when you cut them. Over drying is not a good sign either.