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Raisin Babka 1,5 lbs
Baked, ready to eat. Natural, hand made according to traditional recipe.  Ingredients: wheat flour, raisins, sugar, yeast, yolks, eggs, butter, shortening, salt, milk, vanilla, lemon, orange flavors.
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Sticker on Eggs
Funny stickers on eggs.
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The Candlestick Easter
The Candlestick Easter width: 2.5 inch - 6 cm height: 2.5 inch - 6 cm
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Village Ham for Cooking (Húsvéti Kötözött sonka/ Šunka domáca) approx 3.90 lbs-4.3lbs
Please Note: The ham is half smoked, half fresh. Before eating, you must cook or steam it. If the ham arrives frozen or half frozen, you can keep it frozen. If it arrives thawed you have two days to cook it and then you can eat it, or freeze it again. The ham tastes the same before and after freezing.
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