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German Pork Wieners and Bratwurst. Best cold cuts from Europe, Hungarian and Polish food store.

German pork wieners sausages, tasty German weisswurst and renowned Bavarian bratwurst.

European wieners are short, thin sausages made of beef or pork, originating in Germany. Sausages are usually produced smoked and steamed. Most often served hot. In fact, every part of Europe possesses its methods to prepare it. This is why we can find German bratwurst sausage, garlic sausage knackwurst, or Hungarian bratwurst. Ironically, although the name comes from the city of Vienna, it is not being used for this food in Austria itself. Currently, this name includes all parboiled sausages made of pork and beef in a casing of sheep's intestine and smoked. The most recognized ones are Czech spekacky, spisske parky, Swiss cheese knackers, and Polish pork wieners. Their preparation way, size, prime ingredients, and, first of all, taste, may vary significantly by both manufacturer and region of Old Continent. The Europeans frequently consider them as a quick snack. In our online store, you can find the most renowned and delicious.

European wieners from all over the Old World, Polish berlinki, veal franks and cooked grill bratwurst.

European wieners describe the broad selection of these meat delicacies. These can be chicken and pork wieners, Berlinki classic hot dogs, or even German weisswurst. This dish is served in various ways in distinct parts of Europe. The most popular is serving it for breakfast or dinner with the addition of mustard or horseradish and bread. It also happens that potatoes and salad are added to them. Moreover, these sausages remarkably represent the base for hot dogs. Less often, but also, they are used as a barbecue dish. These cold cuts can be also consumed… cold! They always taste perfect, and, they are wholesome and filling. They may be a delicious snack during travel too. When choosing items in our store, you will decide for yourself how you will serve these sausages. They are perfect for both a family dinner and a garden party.