Nigella Seeds/Czarnuszka/Prymat/ 20g

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Prymat Nigella Seeds have a spicy, slightly bitter taste, intermediate between the taste of poppy seeds and pepper. 

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Prymat Nigella Seeds 20g

Once associated with regional cuisine, today nigella seeds are becoming more and more popular, mainly due to the return to favor of home-made pastries and cheeses. It is a plant whose black, intensely colored seeds are used as a spice - they are usually dried whole or ground. Due to its color, it is also known as black cumin. Its aroma is slightly nutty, tart, with a hint of oregano. Prymat Nigella Seeds have a spicy, slightly bitter taste, intermediate between the taste of poppy seeds and pepper. Interestingly, ground black pepper can be replaced with nigella seeds.

Did you know that...

Nigella was already known in ancient Egypt, where it was called the gold of the pharaohs.


Nigella needs are a known addition to breadEqually popular with white cheese - Koryciński or goat cheese, as well as with natural yoghurtYou can also season cottage cheese with it. It goes well with egg dishes - perfect for omelette, egg paste, scrambled eggs.

Nigella is a popular addition to homemade bread and rollsIt also goes well with puff pastry.

It will emphasize the taste of such meats as mutton, lamb, venison or poultryIt can be added to cabbage rolls or minced cutletsIt is often used as an addition to batter - it enriches its taste. It goes well with vegetables such as cabbage and zucchini, also roasted vegetablesGreat for salads.

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