Herbapol Linden / Lipa 30g

Herbapol Linden / Lipa 30g

Herbapol Linden / Lipa 30g

Lime Tree (Lipa) Herbal Tea to support your respiratory system. 20 pouches



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The main components are flavonoids, linden flowers, locks and essential oil. Napotnie work, gently lowering the fever, inflammation and slightly sedative. Inflorescence lime is used in colds and influenza, feverish conditions, diseases of the digestive tract as an auxiliary means of stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and in states of nervous tension as a mild sedative.

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  • Region - Poland
  • Kids friendly - Kids friendly
  • Vegetarian - Vegetarian
  • Sugar Free - Sugar Free
  • Manufacturer - Herbapol