Sweet Box Fruit Snack with Toy (Frozen 2)

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Sweet Box Fruit Snack with Toy (Frozen 2)

The collection features 6 main characters of the amazing story: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, the merry snowman Olaf (in several popular versions), the reindeer Sven and the water spirit Nokk.

Each Sweet Box Fruit Snack box contains a large collectible toy, a leaflet with a description of the character and fruit lozenges, 93% consisting of natural juice (without sugar, dyes, GMOs).

Collect a collection, go on a journey to the origins of the ancient legends of the kingdom of Arendelle!



The magic queen of Arendelle. When ancient magic awakens, threatening the kingdom and everyone she loves, Elsa is sent into the unknown. Where her powers will be tested to the limit!


A cheerful snowman created by Elsa with the help of magic spells. He is fascinated by the world around him. On a dangerous journey, Olaf teaches everyone to appreciate every moment in life.


An optimist, never gives up, even if it seems impossible. Always supports her sister Elsa. She is happy when her family is together and the kingdom of Arendelle is safe.


Mystical water spirit Nokk, with the power of the ocean. A fierce warrior, fiercely guarding the enchanted lands. To get past it, you need to earn respect, which is almost impossible.


Kristoff is Sven the deer's best friend. Only with him he shares that he wants to make Anna a marriage proposal. When she is in danger, he does everything not to lose his love.


Kristoff's best friend. In difficult moments, Kristoff relies heavily on Sven. In a dangerous journey, Sven shows heroism more than once, saving friends from various troubles.

Olaf with jacket

The most friendly and cheerful snowman in the world. Olaf was created by Elsa's magic spell.<

Olaf with present

His curiosity is literally tearing him apart. Olaf has a cherished dream, the main thing is not to melt at the most inopportune moment...

Olaf with flower

Olaf loves a hot hug, the friendliest and most cheerful snowman in the world.

Olaf with purple nose

Naive and never discouraged, Olaf gets into funny situations all the time.

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Sweet Box Fruit Snack with Toy (Frozen 2)

Sweet Box Fruit Snack with Toy (Frozen 2)

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