Chocolate Lovers Gift Box / Polish Chocolates Mix

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Chocolate Lovers Gift Box/ Polish Chocolates Mix

If up to this point in time, you haven't become accustomed to Polish chocolates, you now have the opportunity to do so by trying a product consistenly rated as top on the market from as far back as the 19th century.

Ptasie Mleczko (Marshmallow in dark chocolate), Barylki (chocolate barrels with alcoholic filling), Gelly in Chocolate...are not only a once in a lifetime opportunity, but are an opportunity which will change the way you perceive candy forever.

Each Box will contain at least 5 item of any flavor and variety and there are never any duplicates. Items in the photo are not exact, but are examples of what can be included. 

Every Box will contain: Happy Barrels, Ptasie Mleczko or Torcik Wedlowski , Jelly in Chocolate ( variety of tastes), Mieszanka Wedlowska (or other chocolate candies), one of Wedel dark or milk chocolate with filling or without.

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Chocolate Lovers Gift Box / Polish Chocolates Mix

Chocolate Lovers Gift Box / Polish Chocolates Mix

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