Podravka Fant Fish Soup and Fish Paprikash (riblju juhu i paprikas) 60g

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Fant Fish Soup and Fish Paprikash (riblju juhu i paprikas) Fant mix for fish soup and fish paprikash is a ready-made mixture of selected spices providing fish meals a full, rounded flavour. It contains all the ingredients except fish: onions, tomatoes, sweet and spicy paprika, pepper, bay leaves and mustard. Fant makes food preparation simple and enables you to create a wide range of freshwater fish dishes, such as stews from various kinds of fish, with potatoes, rice, vegetables, etc. Ingredients: Dried vegetables (onion, tomato), red dried pepper, corn starch, table salt, flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate), seasonings, hydrogenated herbal fat. May contain wheat flour, milk, eggs and celery in trace amounts.

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