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Shortness of Wrinkles Deeply regenerating face and neck cream 50 ml

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The unique DNA renewal complex (proTelomer + folic acid) in combination with almond oil counteract the effects of skin aging.
Blockade of skin structure degradation. Intensively acting folic acid and proTelomer effectively rebuild support fibers, increasing skin density, improving its tension and providing a lifting effect.
Reduction of wrinkles. The cream reduces even the fixed wrinkles, deeply nourishes and reduces the feeling of dryness, thanks to the content of almond oil.
The anti-free barrier. The vitamin E and vitamin C used in the cream effectively protect the skin against the negative effects of free radicals.

The cream is recommended for ages: 60

The effects of applying cream *:
100% counteracting sagging
97% improvement in firmness and flexibility
93% nutrition
73% improvement in skin tone, lifting effect
* In Vivo test - evaluation after 4 weeks of applying the cream.

Safety and efficacy confirmed in the Lirene Scientific Laboratory.

Active ingredients: folic acid and the proTelomer complex protect cellular material [DNA] at the level of molecules. As a result, the cream effectively reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, restoring the skin's young appearance.

Folic acid ensures proper growth and repair of damaged cells and regenerates DNA damage caused by solar radiation.

ProTelomer protects the ends of chromosomes (telomeres). During cell divisions, telomeres shorten, which accelerates the aging process. Telomere protection increases cell longevity.

Telomere research has been awarded the Nobel Prize in 2009.
Application: Apply the cream on the cleansed face and neck in the evening, massage gently. For better results, we recommend using a cream with a strongly smoothing face and neck cream as well as Intensively regenerating eye cream from the Folacyna 60+ line. Wrinkle reduction.

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Lirene Folacyna 60+

Lirene Folacyna 60+

Shortness of Wrinkles Deeply regenerating face and neck cream 50 ml

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