Kupiec Buckwheat Roasted Groats 400g/14oz

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Buckwheat is the healthiest of all the groats. It is perfect for people on weight loss diets,because the process of digestion and absorption of buckwheat is slow, so you no longer feelhungry. It provides at the same time a lot of magnesium, iron, vitamin E and lecithin. It also affects the condition of blood vessels and prevents the development of diabetes. It does not cause allergies, gluten-free is a product. Cooked groats is an irreplaceable addition to any kind of slips, sauces and baking. It is used also for saturating the product of poultry andblack pudding.

Buckwheat boiled in water or milk in a volume ratio of 1:2, adding a teaspoon of fat per cup of porridge, which prevents the grains from sticking together. Before you begin cookingporridge rinse thoroughly, preferably in warm water.


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Kupiec Buckwheat Roasted Groats 400g/14oz

Kupiec Buckwheat Roasted Groats 400g/14oz