Cosinus Spray 60ml

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Cosinus Nasal Decongestant Spray

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The nasal decongestant will help eliminate secretion from the nasal passages and sinuses. 
It contains moisturizing ingredients and antibacterial action. 
Forms a film on the surface of the mucosal barrier against the penetration of allergenic substances, also supports the natural healing process. 
Regular use helps maintain the health of the membranes of the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses. 
is based on natural extracts and plant oils. 
The extract of Chodrus crispus and Beefstaek, plant oil supports the natural moisture of the nasal fossils, softens the mucous membranes and has an impact on the natural regeneration of sinus defenses. 
Aromatic peppermint oil has the role of self-cleaning the areas of the superior sinuses, the liquefaction of secretion that quickly releases the clogged nose and improves breathing. 


Nose and clogged sinuses because of cold, fever and sinusitis. 
Mechanical irritation of the nasal mucosa. 
Efficient care in nasal hygiene for people with a tendency to recurrent infections and allergic rhinitis. It can be used for prophylactic hypersensitivity to nasal and sinus mucosa caused by air conditioning, dry air, high and low temperatures, allergens, pollutants and also daily nasal hygiene. 

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Cosinus Spray 60ml

Cosinus Spray 60ml

Cosinus Nasal Decongestant Spray

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