Lowell Plum Jam 320g / 11.29oz

Lowell Plum Jam 320g / 11.29oz

Lowell Plum Jam 320g / 11.29oz

Lowell Foods preserves are all natural.

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They contain no artificial coloring or aromas, and they are not chemically preserved. The entire production process has been perfected to a point where the finished product maintains the taste, smell and color of ripe fruit. During the fruiting season, Lowell Foods preserves are always made with the freshest of fruits, and because of this they keep the taste of home-made products, along with low sugar content and an exceptional amount of whole or large-piece fruits.

Lowell Foods preserves are made from whole or chopped fruits suspended in half-hardened jelly. The preserving agent in this case is natural - sugar, which combined with pectin from fruit causes the jelly to harden. Because of the fact that Lowell Foods preserves do not contain artificial preservatives and have an ALL NATURAL sticker, they are no different from home-made preserves. Their original and aesthetically-pleasing packaging makes them a great addition to any table.

Lowell Foods values the excellent and irreplacable taste of fruits and vegetables straight from the garden. If you are a customer who appreciates authentic taste without the worry of inducing chemicals harmful to your health, look for the Lowell Foods ALL NATURAL tag!

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