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Bacik Heather Honey , Wrzosowy 380g/13.5oz
Flower honey from heather. No Preservatives Added. 100% Natural Honey. Product of Poland.
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Bacik Lime Honey / Miód lipowy 380g/13.5oz
100% Natural, imported from Poland. NO PRESERVATIVES.
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Bacik Multiflower Honey, Miód wielokwiatowy 380g/13.5oz
Ecological Polish Honey 100% Natural, imported from Poland. NO PRESERVATIVES.
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Bende Wild Flower Honey 17.6oz/500g
Wild Flower Honey *Mezei Virag Mez*. Harvested from millions of flowers from the Hungarian countryside. 17.6 oz (500g), Product of Hungary
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Naturalis Honeydew Honey (400g/14.1oz)
Natural Honeydew Honey. Honey is a product which will never spoil. Imported from Poland.
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Vavel Heather Honey ( Miod Wrzosowy ) 400g
Product of Poland, No preservatives, chemical additives, artificial flavours, dyes. Heather honey has a light to dark brown or reddish color mild in taste with characteristic consistency. 
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Vavel Linden Honey 400g
Product of Poland, No preservatives, chemical additives, artificial flavours, dyes. Linden Honey is a pale yellow or golden- yellow color, with a strong linden flower taste with a little bitterness. 
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Natural Lime Honey from Poland. Online Grocery Store.

Honey from Poland is one of the products in the manufacturing of which Europe is at the forefront of the world. Only China is ahead of it. There are the ideal climatic conditions for its production on the Old Continent. The breeding of bees in that area dates back to the third century BC. It is easy to imagine what mastery in its production the local nations achieved. Just look at our offer to find out how many varieties of this nectar they manufacture there. Here are acacia honey or buckwheat, heather, and lime ones. Each of them is a true essence of naturalness, produced on sunny, mountainous European meadows. Like dew forest nectar, goldenrod, multi flower, or poly floral types. It is hard to imagine anything more related to nature than just this thick, golden fluid. And besides it, beekeepers produce many other products, including bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and beeswax.

Linden honey, creamed one, wildflower, and Siberian Taiga flower

Honey production and beekeeping are extremely popular and cultivated in practically all European countries. They are characterized by a large variety of beekeeping methods, production methods, and the products themselves. Apart from the fact that the Old Continent produces, it also imports a lot from third countries. The largest thick golden nectar’s producers are countries in southern Europe with a favorable climate for bee breeding. We have to mention Romania, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France here. This is where such wonderful flavors straight from nature are created, such as lime, phacelia, linden, or creamed honey. The traditional welfare of animals also contributes to their excellent quality. Especially in Eastern Europe, bees are treated with due respect and love, providing them with good living conditions. They, in turn, repay the high-value product of their labor. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the taste of overseas bee nectars manufactured according to ancient recipes and traditions.