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Hela Gewurz Ketchup Curry Delikat 300 ml/348g
 New! Spicy Curry ketchup with Hela seasoning. This delicious sauce can be added to a multitude of dishes including chicken, steak, pork and shrimp and of course: hamburger! It is made with no preservatives.
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Knorr Dark Browned Flour / Zasmazka Blyskawiczna Ciemna 250g/8.82oz
    No preservatives    No monosodium glutamate    Fast , tasty and easy.
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Reduced price!
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Knorr Light Browned Flour / ételsűrítő / Zasmazka Blyskawiczna Jasna 250g.
No preservativesNo monosodium glutamateFast , tasty and easy.
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Knorr Gravy Sauce with Mushroom 29g
A deliciously smooth gravy sauce with mushrooms. Great taste is in our nature Our Knorr Chefs believe that great tasting and high quality ingredients come from a conscious use of agricultural resources.
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Knorr Mushrooms Sauce 24g/0.85oz
A delicious Mushroom Sauce Mix with lots of chopped mushrooms for flavour and texture.
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