Food Seasoning Mixture - Premium, Old Europe Foods 250g

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Food Seasoning Mixture - Premium, Old Europe Foods 250g

Food Seasoning Mixture - Premium, Old Europe Foods 250g is a handcrafted blend of spices made in Szeged Hungary. It is an all-purpose seasoning that adds delicious savory and herby flavors to make richer and fuller tasting meals. The complex seasoning is a magical blend of salt, parsnip, carrots, onion, parsley, and garlic. It can be added to just about anything! For example, potatoes, pasta, poultry, roasts, soups, BBQs, and fish!

Ingredients: table salt, sugar, parsnip, carrots, flavor enhancer (sodium-glutamate), onion, parsley, garlic, color (riboflavin)

Meet Hungarian seasoning mixtures and a fine selection of healthy herbs

Undoubtedly, the time of mixes full of flavor enhancers is gone in Europe. Nowadays, food condiments that consist only of healthy ingredients are reaching popularity records there. That's what our Food Seasoning Mixture Premium is. Here, you will find only healthy ingredients. Undeniably, they will not only significantly enrich the taste of your dish, but also give a guarantee of naturalness. Vainly look for anything detrimental in it. We all know that the basis of a tasty dish, in addition to a good quality product, is spices. However, often we buy plain store-bought seasonings due to lack of time. For pizza, meat, chicken, fish, or even potatoes - the choice is vast. Just as often, we don't realize how many artificial additives are in them. Fortunately, there is a Fabko online store. With our products, you don't have to spend time preparing self-made seasonings at home. Just add them to your favorite dish, and you can instantly enjoy the taste of naturalness.

A handcrafted blend of herbs and spices from Hungary

Hand preparation of spices is undoubtedly a live practice on the Old Continent. Indeed, homemade seasonings became more and more popular across the Ocean. People are giving up cheap condiments bought in supermarkets. No wonder that the manufacturers also had to respond to this trend. The result is products that have no or only trace amounts of non-natural additives. And mixes from Central and Eastern Europe are leading in appreciation. There, natural food ingredients have always been the basis of the diet. Poland, Hungary, or Romania are countries where mass production has never lost its original essence. That is why we offer you spices from there. We chose them because local producers take care of both the process of their growth and preparation. And all this for effect as wholesome and nature-close as possible. Right now, you can order this quality product and enjoy it even the next day. Make your favorite meals taste deliciously and genuinely.

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Food Seasoning Mixture - Premium, Old Europe Foods 250g

Food Seasoning Mixture - Premium, Old Europe Foods 250g

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