Royal Sweet Paprika Powder, Old Europe Foods 500g

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Royal Sweet Paprika Powder 500g

Royal Sweet Paprika Powder 500g, is imported from Szeged and made from the highest quality ingredients.

The paprika plant also known as the red pepper has a unique aroma and bright red color; it represents an invaluable part of Hungarian cuisine.

However, paprika is not a native Hungarian plant and originated from South America and was later brought back to Europe. In Hungary, it was first grown in the 1600s and became popularized within a few decades.  Szeged is the ideal region and climate to grow and cultivate paprika.  Our product is distributed all over the United States.

Royal Sweet Paprika Powder, European spices, and seasonings

Royal Sweet Paprika Powder is undoubtedly a good source of nutrition. Moreover, as one of the few vegetables, it retains its properties when stewed and roasted. Fresh one contains more vitamin C than even lemon. In turn, this plant, powdered as a seasoning, improves digestion. Habitually, it also stimulates appetite. The medicinal properties of this vegetable also include the prevention of blood vessel calcification and headaches elimination. Besides, it is primarily an invaluable source of vitamin C. It also contains up to five times more of it than lemons. The culinary processes usually destroy this vitamin in other vegetables and fruits. But not in this one. Luckily, both fresh pods consumed in salads and made of their additives or spices are valuable. Indeed, it allows us to enjoy not only its genuine taste but also to absorb crucial nutrients! This vegetable clearly has no cons! And Fabko's online store can deliver the seasoning made from it very quickly.

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Undeniably, the paprika crops are among the most widespread in the world. Its principal producers are South America, Indonesia, and, of course, Mexico. And in Europe: Spain, Bulgaria, and Hungary. It is the variety from this last country that we want to offer you here. There is no doubt that inhabitants of this country have mastered its cultivation to perfection. And you can find this vegetable in almost every course out there. Hence, we had to include spices from there in our selection. Sweet paprika is an aromatic and tasty condiment, which will make practically every dish a real feast. You can use it cooking in a versatile way. It suits meat, cold cuts, fish, rice, sauces, cottage cheese, poultry, and salads. It always has a distinctive and, at the same time, pleasantly sweet flavor. And it gives a beautiful and intense color to meals, as well as a delicious aroma. You can order it right now!

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Royal Sweet Paprika Powder, Old Europe Foods 500g

Royal Sweet Paprika Powder, Old Europe Foods 500g

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