Hunter's Pork Stew 14.11 oz / Bigos

Hunter's Pork Stew 14.11 oz / Bigos

Hunter's Pork Stew 14.11 oz / Bigos

Bigos, known in the U.S. as Hunter’s Stew, is a mish-mash of cabbage, meats, vegetables, and spices that was typically consumed by nobility after an exhilarating day of hunting 



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According to an age-old recipe, hunter’s stew (bigos) took time and care to reach its utmost perfection. It is not a whimsical dish. It requires a slow, steady, and uninterrupted process of preparation, where it is heated for hours, even days. Each ingredient is mixed into this pot of piquant and savory flavor at exactly the right time, without rush, so as to bring out the utmost essence of each and every ingredient. Hunter’s stew (bigos) was cooked for up to four days, to reach its maximum quality and allow the vegetables, meats, and spices to intertwine and really saturate with extraordinary flavor. Often times red wine was added into the composition as well to intensify the dish and make it all the more profound. 

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  • Region - Poland