Lowicz Rosehip Syrup 250ml

Lowicz Rosehip Syrup  250ml

Lowicz Rosehip Syrup 250ml

Rosehip contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.  Rosehip contains 100 times more vitamine C than apples and 5 times more vitamin C than black currant. It is also contains vitamines A, B1, B2, E, K, flavonoids, tannis, organic acids, essential oils, pectin, mineral salts, irons.



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To have a good health you neded to take care of it regularly, lead a healthy lifestyle and eat in a balances way.

Dosage: about 2 tablespoons of pine shoots syrup per day (about 20ml), which corresponds to a dose of about 6g of pine shoots. It is not reccomended to exceed the reccomended daily dose. Package contains 12,5 suggested servings. Shake before use.

Packaging Information: 330ml

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  • Cuisine - Polish