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Fresh Compressed Yeast 1 lb

For maximum control over fermentation and proofing, nothing compares with fresh yeast. Because it consists of live cells in a nutrient medium, the best way to store the yeast is to cut it up into smaller pieces. Lay those pieces flat on a plate and freeze for 1-2 hours. Once the smaller pieces have hardened, transfer them to a bag and store in the freezer for easy use!

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Fresh Compressed Yeast 1 lb for cakes, and pastries

Fresh Compressed Yeast 1 lb from our offer for your favorite pastries and bakings. Without a doubt, they will make even the most difficult ones utterly successful. Plump cakes will owe their appetizing form and delicate fluffiness to them. Loaves of bread and rolls, on the other hand, will acquire their unique aroma, flavor, and crispiness. How does it happen? Fungus feeds on dead organic matter and needs sugars to live. When it breaks down the sugars, alcoholic fermentation occurs, producing ethanol and large amounts of carbon dioxide. As a result, the dough with the yeast begins to increase in volume. It becomes spongy and light, and its structure becomes porous. Exactly what we love about home baking. With the product presented here, you will undoubtedly achieve just such an effect. Indeed, if baking gives you great pleasure, this fresh yeast from Europe will make your satisfaction even higher. Just order it right now at Fabko online store.

Fresh Compressed Yeast 1 lb

People have used fresh yeast for centuries. They most often utilize them for bread, cakes, or making popular liquors. Scientific researches revealed that this fungus is also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Today, people use these tiny and fascinating organisms in many various industries. Indeed, these play a relevant role in human activity, especially in the food industry. Who of us does not like fresh rolls, challahs, dough, or pizza? Their production would not be possible without baker's yeast. Undeniably, it gives baked goods their characteristic fluffiness. Other products that we could not enjoy without it are all kinds of liquors produced by fermentation. Beer, wine, and more potent liquors owe their alcoholic content to the activity of these microorganisms. Glucose contained in malt (used in beer production), fruit or must (wine manufacturing), or mash (vodka production) is digested by yeast into alcohol as well. The number of uses for this microorganism seems to be endless.

Shipping Notice:

The 1-lb blocks are sent in a thermal pack with ice to ensure fresh and safe delivery. If transit time is more than 2 days, the yeast is shipped with Express 2 Day Shipping. We cannot be responsible for the freshness of the product when the delivery standard exceeds three days.

During the colder months of the year, Yeast may be sent without any ice. This is because the outside temperature is too cold for the Yeast to activate on its own. The Yeast will still be fresh upon arrival!

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