Art & Diamonds Complex Regeneration 70+ Night Cream

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Effects of Art & Diamond 70+ products? Diamant rejuvenation!

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Art & Diamonds is an exclusive line of innovative cosmetics , created by experts from dermatologists from various fields in collaboration with artists of makeup and cosmetics. All ingredients have been proven and proven to be effective, so the Art & Diamonds 70+ line is the most effective in skin careafter the age of 70.

Lawrence of rich texture , hranjive and hydrating stuffs in noćnoj cream pomlađivanje stationnamijenjene su SVIM wives u Reloj then Koje jelly rejuvenated appearance of their skin, osjetiti the unique njegu skin cheeks that are zaštititi distance Signs of Aging!

The new, improved formulation contains even more diamond powder that gives the skin a unique shine, while at the same time providing innovative protection against further signs of aging. Linijom Art & Diamonds 70+ troops POSTIC bar two objectives: smanjit troops visible Signs of Aging this spriječiti nastanak new . The right ingredients, excellent hydration and nutrients prevents wrinkling, while at the same time the skin is pleasantly tense, firmer and simply healthier and youthful!

Details of the active Ingredients What you will pročitati tab in detail about the product . We are convinced that we have created the best skin care line after the 60th, at least our users say that they are always returning to the day and night cream Art & Diamonds 70+!

For Art & Diamonds 70+ products we used for the first time advanced NLT technology ( nano liposomes ), which is a completely new, intelligent system for introducing nutrients and moisturizing substances into the skin. The active ingredients are stored in an incredible double wrap which allows the substances to reach just those skin layers inwhich they are most effective!

Probably the only specialized skin care after the seventies in Croatia!

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Art & Diamonds Complex Regeneration 70+ Night Cream

Art & Diamonds Complex Regeneration 70+ Night Cream

Effects of Art & Diamond 70+ products? Diamant rejuvenation!

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