Univer Paprika Cream Hot in Tube 160g

Univer Paprika Cream Hot in Tube 160g

Univer Paprika Cream Hot in Tube 160g

Red Gold is a condiment made from excellent quality paprika, providing the flavour and colour of fresh peppers to consumers throughout the year. It is a unique product on the Hungarian market whose popularity has been undiminished since 1963. Its name has practically become a regular noun known by most Hungarians for tradition, quality and uniqueness. 



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The iconic Red Gold is a true classic of the Hungarian kitchen. This traditional mild or spicy relish is made from authentic Hungarian peppers of only the finest quality. These scrumptious peppers provide the wonderful piquant taste and vibrant crimson colour of Red Gold. This has been a ceaselessly popular and unique product on the domestic market since 1963, and remains a firm favourite among Hungarian cooks wishing to add some spice to their meat stews, soups or even to give some zing to a sandwich. Its name is now inextricably linked to Hungarian cooking, tradition and quality.

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  • Region - Hungary
  • Manufacturer - Univer