Polish Sausage "Zwyczajna" 1 lb

Polish Sausage Approx. 1.25 lbs

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Polish Sausage Approx. 1,6-1,8 lb

Polish Sausage Approx. 1,6-1,8 lb is a typical regular Polish sausage made from cured pork with spices (black pepper, marjoram and fresh garlic). It is simmered in hot water and then lightly smoked. Could be used for many purposes: grilling, as a cold cut for sandwiches, as an addition to stews, scrambled eggs and classic Polish bigos.

This product is freshly made from 100% American pork according to a traditional European recipe. The highest quality and freshness of this product is guaranteed by our everyday stock deliveries.


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Polish Sausage Approx. 1.25 lbs

Polish Sausage Approx. 1.25 lbs

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